Estremo Centro Theatre Drama

Estremo centro
Theatre Drama

Alessandro Pace

Renato Pace e Alessandro Pace

“… a modern political tale for representing a cultural system which flattens itself according to the formulas of hypocrisy and strategic expedience…”

Totàlia, an Eutropean state, lives a time of socio-economic crisis, for which the people blame the mediocre system management carried out by the latest administrations. It’s election time and all parties are engaged in their own campaigns. In this context, under the control of a fierce and sensual èminence grise, the Far-Centre Coalition is born, which sees the fusion of two political forces whose historic traditions were once ideologically opposed to each other.

“… opposite political forces merge under the aegis of ÀCABRA who, from the mysterious world of Far Haven, controls the economic power of Eutrope…”

“…among Àcabra’s suite is PHANTASIE, a motionless, desecrating, erotic latex doll…”

Matteo Montaperto

Matteo Montaperto

In this fantastical dimension, the loss of ideological identities – which are sacrificed to the tactics for seizing power – dissolves in a utopian suggestion of nineteenth-century memory: the personification of “fantasy” superseding the political and financial dominion along with a “laughter” of relief, a metaphorical non-violent answer of vitality and social redemption of the last.